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Round Enclosure





A Round Enclosure is a great alternative to a wrap around porch. The eye is immediately attracted to that soft "rounding" affect giving a very roomy feeling.


This enclosure was engineered using our patented peak system giving superior strength to the structure. All of our projects are built in compliance with State Building Codes, while still maintaining the eye-pleasing shape.


If you are planning a new swimming pool, consider leaving enough room for a round screen house to enclose both your pool and deck area.


Below are some photos of our round project. Please take a moment now to call us for an appointment to book your planned project with us.



Please feel free to click backward or forward on the photos to revisit a certain picture. Then click the center to continue the slide show.



  • Capia Enclosures
  • Capia Enclosures
  • Capia Enclosures
  • Capia Enclosures



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