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Our Quality




We provide only the highest quality in

• materials
• engineering
• service


Did you know that you have options when selecting your mesh screening?

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Did you know that we have a patented peak system giving our structures more strength than any of our competitors?

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We use only high quality materials

Quality Construction Photo Gallery


Mesh Screen


We always give our customers a choice in screening.


We carry Select Standard #1814 mesh or the higher density #2020.


We recommend the #2020 because it prevents most of the pine needles and debris from getting stuck.


All of our screen mesh comes with a vinyl coating that increases the life span of the product. Our supplier, Phifer, uses a minimum of three coats of vinyl.


The vinyl absorbs UV rays of the sun and as a result the screening is protected from the UV rays that will deteriorate the screen over time.





Ron L. Aluminum








Choice of

Screen Mesh?

Yes, client's choice
#1814 or #2020


No choice,
installers use mostly #1814 or lesser quality




Vinyl Coats?

best quality available






Vinyl Coats or less?

quality not up to our standards


mostly 1 coat, if any.


Life of



10 to 15 years





5 to 10 years


Important Note: refreshing your screening and/or upgrading your existing screen enclosure will increase the value of your property without increasing your tax bill.




Patented Peak System


Ron L. Aluminum has designed and patented a peak system that provides superior engineering and strength. For that reason, we can hang our owner's car from the "rafters," as shown HERE.


The engineering allows for much greater open spans, in your pool house, without supports obstructing your view.


We will provided engineering drawings of our patented peak system to any customer who requests to see them.





Beam System Photo Gallery 



Rounded Supports



Our wall supports are half-round uprights that make cleaning a breeze and still maintain an attractive screen enclosure.


Rounded Supports Photo Gallery







All of our structures are custom built on-site by our own staff.


We do NOT use:

x Prefabricated products

x Day-Laborers

x Sub-Contractors

x Low Quality materials





Watch as we build this
spectacular enclosure on-site!

Building Process Photo Gallery

Click HERE for larger view.




Ron L Aluminum Logo


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